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My name is Sarah Schrauwen. I am a book designer and editor based in Antwerp, Belgium. I work collaboratively — and often remotely — with publishers, design studios, writers and various other clients.

I believe it’s crucial for designers to be interested in content. Language is a big part of what we do: structuring words and images on a page in order for them to work together. As a trained designer and editor I combine the two and more: for me, structuring the content and curating images is as important (and fun) as creating layouts and setting type. I find the whole process of making a book — from concepts and research down to production and marketing — really fascinating and I love to be involved with all of those aspects. I’m a stickler for details, both stylistically and linguistically.

I always aim to approach projects holistically by providing overarching guidance from the conceptual and research phase, over curation and editing, to design and production. I have a clean and pragmatic sense of aesthetics, and try to adhere to a few principles, such as ‘less is more’ and ‘form follows function’.

After graduating from the University of Antwerp as a linguist, I moved to London in 2011 to get a degree in visual communication from the London College of Communication. My second internship turned into a full-time position as editorial coordinator at the independent publisher Unit Editions – allowing me to combine my two passions and skill sets: language and design.

After two years I decided to start working as an independent book designer and editor: my first solo book design project was Abstract Vaudeville: The Work of Rose English. In the summer of 2014 I moved back to Antwerp, where I established my small studio and work with local clients while continuing my collaborations with international publishers.

You can download my CV here. Check out my Tumblr blogs the designer and the grid and visual/exploration. Or have a look at the analogue photographs I take with an old Kodak Ektralite 400.

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Creative Belgium
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January 2016

AIGA / Design Observer
50 Best Books of 2016 Winner
Looking Good: A visual guide to the nun’s habit
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AIGA / Design Observer
50 Best Covers of 2015 Winner
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