Antwerp Book Fair 2015

I have been going to the Antwerp Book Fair for years, and even though it’s mostly aimed at the mainstream reader and a very crowded affair, there are always some gems to find. When moving back to Antwerp last year, my goal was to have at least one book that I had worked on present at the fair. Looks like I surpassed my goal!

At this year’s fair there are three books I worked on, available at five booths – Handboek voor de thuisdrogist: Kitchen Lab (the book I made with my sister, at the Exhibitions International, Fnac and Standaard Boekhandel booths), Greenterior: Plant-loving creatives and their homes (the book I designed for Coffeeklatch, at the Luster booth) and Ongelijk maar fair (the book I typeset, at the Lannoo booth).

3 November 2015
Antwerp, Belgium