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Unit Editions

From 2012 until 2014 I worked as editorial coordinator at Unit Editions, the independent publisher of books on graphic design.

Unit Editions was founded by graphic designers Tony Brook (Spin) and Adrian Shaughnessy in 2009. By producing high quality, astute books and reaching their audience directly through social media, Unit was able to grow from a small venture into an internationally renowned publisher in just a few years.

Being part of the small team, I was able to learn about and work in different areas of publishing: research, content creation, editing and subediting, design assistance, archival photography, maintaining social media and press relations, production and distribution. And I got to work with some of my design heroes, delve into an amazing archive in Brighton, travel to Glasgow with Ken Garland, talk to design enthusiasts from all over the world…

Shown above are the books that I worked on during my time at Unit Editions; they are mentioned and linked to below. All books published by Unit Editions and designed by Spin. Creative director: Tony Brook. Senior designers: Claudia Klat, Elena Carl. Managing director: Patricia Finegan. Production manager: Sam Stevenson.

Editorial coordination
Design assistance
Social media and pr


Adrian Shaughnessy
Tony Brook

Manuals 1:
Design & Identity Guidelines

by Tony Brook, Adrian Shaughnessy and Sarah Schrauwen [Eds.], 2014.

Herb Lubalin:
American Graphic Designer

by Adrian Shaughnessy, 2013.

Jurriaan Schrofer (1926–90):
Restless typographer

by Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy [Eds.], 2013.

Supernew Supergraphics
by Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy [Eds.], 2014.

Type Only
by Tony Brook, Claudia Klat and Adrian Shaughnessy [Eds.], 2013.

Ken Garland:
Structure and Substance

by Adrian Shaughnessy, 2012.

FHK Henrion:
The Complete Designer

by Adrian Shaughnessy, 2013.

Scratching the Surface

by Adrian Shaughnessy, 2013.