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Hi there! I am a book designer and editor from Antwerp, Belgium. I work collaboratively – and often remotely – with publishers, design studios, artists, writers and various other clients. Read more on the About page.

You can view a selection of my work in the feed below, or as an overview in the Index. You can also check out projects that I am currently working on.

David Zwirner Books, 2018
In 2017, artist Chris Ofili photographed chain-link fences throughout the island of Trinidad in order to explore notions of beauty, community, liberation, and constraint. This series of arresting images – ‘pocket photography’ as described by the artist – is the first body of photography ever published by Ofili. Through these entrancing black-and-white photographs, the artist engages with the diverse sources that inspired his critically acclaimed Paradise Lost exhibition at David Zwirner, New York in the fall of 2017.

︎ book design
︎  152×197 mm | 96 pages
︎ davidzwirnerbooks.com
Houtekiet, 2018
The second book by Belgian celebrity Bieke Ilegems is collection of short, personal and candid stories that investigate the balance that we all try to achieve: the balance between healthy and unhealthy, up and down, thank you and fuck you.

︎  also see Bieke’s first book.

︎ book design
︎  155×235 mm | 184 pages 
︎ houtekiet.be
David Zwirner Books, 2017
A facsimile of the only known notebook of legendary artist and weaver Anni Albers, this rare and previously unpublished document of her working process contains intricate drawings for her large body of graphic work, as well as studies for her late knot drawings.

Winner of the AIGA/Design Observer 50 Covers Competition of 2017!

Shortlisted for the British Book Design & Production Awards 2018 in the categories: Exhibition Catalogues, and Art / Architecture Monographs.

︎ book design
︎  197×254 mm | 152 pages
︎ davidzwirnerbooks.com

David Zwirner Books, 2017
With a large body of work mainly comprising mixed-media paintings, Tamuna Sirbiladze was known for her distinctive style, which continually forged new terms between dichotomous relationships. Abstract and figurative, playful and serious, energetic and quiet, vibrant and muted, Sirbiladze’s work is characterized by both its intensity and flexibility.

With contributions by Max Henry, Anna Kats, and Julie Ryan, as well as a conversation with the artist and an arrangement of fifteen sonnets by her partner, Benedikt Ledebur, this publication provides a comprehensive survey of Sirbiladze’s works and practice.

︎ book design
︎  203×273mm | 160 pages
︎ davidzwirnerbooks.com
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