Plantin Institute for Typography, 2015
This book was my graduation project for the Expert Class Book Design I attended at the Plantin Institute for Typography. A life in service of bookbinding tells the story of Berthe van Regemorter, a 20th-century Belgian bookbinding artist. 

The book is a digitally-printed dummy made especially for the Expert Class, but as per the assignment, the book was designed with offset printing in mind. The first section of the book – the essay – would be printed in just two colours (black and Pantone Orange) on uncoated paper, while the final section of the book – the plate section – would be printed in the customary four colours on coated paper.

The contents for A life in service of bookbinding were provided to us by Elly Cockx-Indestege, author of the monograph Berthe van Regemorter: une artiste-relieur anversoise (1879–1964), published by Bibliotheca Wittockiana in 2014.

︎ book design, print management
︎  245×170mm | 96 pages

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