Camper Food & Stories – Italy
Food stylist Els Sirejacob and photographer Bram Debaenst are back with a second Camper Food & Stories book, completely dedicated to ITALY! A truly delicious sequel featuring local recipes with fresh produce, dreamy photos of life on the road and camper tips from the Amalfi Coast to Piedmont, from the Dolomites to Lake Garda, from Parma via the hills of Bologna to the border of Le Marche – all inspired by ‘la dolce vita’.

Available in Dutch and English. Published by Luster Publishing. Recipes, photos and text by Els Sirejacob & Bram Debaenst. Editing by Hadewijch Ceulemans. 

Printed in Italy by Printer Trento on Favini Remake Carapace Oyster 120g (cover) and Tauro Offset 140g (interior).

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︎  250×195 mm | 240 pages | English or Dutch

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