Alternative film poster project, 2021
Self-initiated film poster project in collaboration with Mathieu Vancamp. Our third year of Double Bill Posters! This time we focussed on notable directors and did our very best to select a diverse group of well-known icons and new talent from across the globe. We created two ‘double bills’ every month: two films from one director every two weeks.  

We made mini series of alternative film posters that reflect each director’s style, either using the same design elements (fonts, colours, composition) and/or by using the same medium to create the design (illustrations, drawings, photographs, stills).

We are Sarah & Mathieu. Sarah has been a graphic designer since 2011 and specialises in book design and editing. Mathieu took evening classes in graphic design and has been obsessed by movies and posters for many years. For us both, this project is a great exercise in quick thinking and doing, and allows us to combine our mutual interests away from clients.

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