Alternative film poster project, 2022
Self-initiated film poster project in collaboration with Mathieu Vancamp. This is our fourth year of Double Bill Posters! This year we are tackling two THEMES each month. For each theme, we will select a double bill: two films that we feel say something significant about the subject matter. Maybe these themes or films can have a meaningful impact on your life, or a moment of reflection in today’s rat race.

We will experiment with digital drawing on our iPad with Procreate, and who knows, probably other techniques as well.

We are Sarah & Mathieu. Sarah has been a graphic designer since 2011 and specialises in book design and editing. Mathieu took evening classes in graphic design and has been obsessed by movies and posters for many years. For us both, this project is a great exercise in quick thinking and doing, and allows us to combine our mutual interests away from clients.

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