GraphicDesign&, 2015
What happens when you survey UK- and US-based graphic designers and ask prying questions about life and work? Presented in this 480-page paperback book are the responses – by turn fanatical, funny and frank – of 1,988 designers. Exhausted but enthusiastic, critical and creative, frustrated yet optimistic… their answers will surprise. One thing is certain – they really love graphic design and what it can do.

Examining their responses in collaboration with social scientist Nikandre Kopcke and data designer Stefanie Posavec, the GraphicDesign& editors present new findings and re-evaluate age-old clichés about graphic design: from studio to household, from student to CEO, across gender, age and the Atlantic.

︎ book design (with LR+)
︎  178×110mm | 480 pages
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