Luster, 2015
For Greenterior: Plant-loving creatives and their homes, creative duo Coffeeklatch (journalist Magali Elali and photographer Bart Kiggen) traveled from Antwerp to New York in search of inspiring stories. They visited the homes of 18 creatives with interiors ranging from minimal to baroque, but with one thing in common: lots and lots of plants.

Their first book features the interiors of painter Piet Raemdonck, fashion designer Christian Wijnants, furniture designers Muller Van Severen, photographer Martyn Thompson, and many others. It doesn’t only provide a unique look into the homes of these talented creatives, but also tells the stories of where their fondness for green comes from. It is about sharing botanical content and reconnecting with nature – to this end the book contains a handy index that lists the featured plants along with how to care for them. One of my personal favourites: the Ficus elastica or rubber tree!

︎ book design
︎  230×280 mm | 240 pages
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