Stichting Kunstboek, 2015
From anti hangover tea and honey ointment, plasticine and moustache wax to laundry powder and milk paint. Kitchen Lab: Handboek voor de thuisdrogist (which translates as Handbook for the Herbalist at Home) bundles more than 100 recipes to make the products that you use in and around the house yourself. With natural materials, no additives and a lot of fun. Make your own cosmetics line, drugs, cleaning products and so much more with ingredients from your garden and kitchen cupboard! This is a DIY book for the modern (wo)men who question store-bought chemical brands and want to learn how to make their own products again. Like in ye goode olde days, but with a contemporary twist. This book is a collaboration between my sister Natalie Schrauwen (recipes and text) and myself (photography and design). Available in Dutch in Belgian bookstores. Or you can order the book directly from us (€19,95 + postage), just pop me an email

︎ concept, book design, photography
︎  170×240 mm | 128 pages
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