Self-published by Jean-Luc Feixa
PAMUK is a four-season visual notebook by photographer Jean-Luc Feixa. It documents his transition into a new home and early parenthood, with his eponymous cat leading the way.

Jean-Luc usually takes analog, grainy and black-and-white photographs, but for this series he used a digital camera. The four-colour photographs stand out from his portfolio, so when he approached us to make a self-published book, we wanted to incorporate this analog aesthetic. We immediately thought of RISO printing, a technique that we have also used in our own work. A risograph machine prints copies of digital files in a way that resembles screenprinting, but automated. It merges the digital with the analog and is a novel approach for a photography book (it’s most often used for artist prints, illustrations and greeting cards). The colour registration is not always perfect and there are some ink smudges here and there, but we think this elevates PAMUK from a well-curated photo album to an authentic and personal artist book.

Studio Boekenberg expertly printed PAMUK in four sections, each with its own combination of four RISO inks. This gives each chapter its own feel, reflecting the rhythms of life and the seasons. Fun fact: it was sunny at the time, so Nina’s RISO printer ran entirely on solar energy!

For the papers we collaborated with Fedrigoni. The cover is printed on Materica Acqua, a blend of cotton, recycled and virgin fibres with a beautiful blue-grey colour reminiscent of Pamuk’s Russian Blue fur. The interior is printed on Freelife Cento Rough, an FSC-certified 100% recycled paper that works wonders in tandem with the RISO graininess.

Finally, the limited run of books was bound by Gazelle, a small local printer.

PAMUK will officially be launched in October 2023.

︎ book design & production
︎  270×190 mm | 64 pages | English

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