Personal work, 2020
In 2020, my partner Mathieu and I finally had some time to design our own postcards, which we wanted to produce in an eco-friendly way: Studio Boekenberg uses vegetable-based inks (rice bran oil from agricultural waste, to be precise) on her secondhand RISO printer and she only stocks papers that are recycled and/or made from waste. We picked Favini Crush Kiwi, made with 40% post-consumer recycled waste and 15% agro-industrial waste, in this case kiwi process waste (which is mainly its characteristic hair) while using 100% green energy. We wanted to make people smile, so we had our own bpost stamps made… #couplegoals 🤓
These were our holiday cards for family, friends, colleagues and clients. They are multipurpose though, because of the abstract graphic (our initials), so we’ll keep using them in 2021 as well. 
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