nai010 Publishers, 2020
Belgian architecture firm RE-ST researches complex spatial issues and seeks solutions by investigating wanderspace, the ‘built-over or undeveloped space that we have produced together, but underuse on a daily basis.’ For their 10-year anniversary, they compiled this brick-sized book that explores the question: ‘Why do we build more than we need?’

This is an oh-so-important book in our current society, where we run the risk of paving every last bit of open space left. It was a great pleasure to work on this project.

Published by nai010 Publishers. Printed by NPN Drukkers on Eos paper, bound by Brepols. The circles on the front and back are embossed into the cover. 

︎ book design 
︎  100×210 mm | 384 pages
︎ nai010.com
︎ re-st.com

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