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Belgian architecture firm RE-ST researches complex spatial issues and seeks solutions by investigating wanderspace, the ‘built-over or undeveloped space that we have produced together, but underuse on a daily basis.’ For their 10-year anniversary, they compiled this brick-sized book that explores the question: ‘Why do we build more than we need?’

This is an oh-so-important book in our current society, where we run the risk of paving every last bit of open space left. It was a great pleasure to work on this project.

Concept and curation by RE-ST. Published in September 2020 by nai010 Publishers. With texts by RE-ST, Tine Hens, Roel De Ridder, Leo Van Broeck and Jee Kast. Visual essay by Poolhert Productions and Jee Kast. Book design by me. Production by Laurence Ostyn. 

Flush-cut hardcover binding with edge printing in one colour. Cover printed in two colours on Wibalin Recycled and embossed on front and back cover. Interior printed in one colour (with a 48-page four-colour image section) on Eos 2.0. Printing by NPN Drukkers, binding by Boekbinderij Brepols and edge printing by Critis. With the support of Stimuleringsfonds voor creatieve industrie.

︎ book design
︎  100×210 mm | 384 pages | English & Dutch
︎ nai010.com    ︎  re-st.com

The circles on the front and back of the book are embossed into the cover, to reference the look of a perforated engineering brick.

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