Self-published by ELDER
Wilder koken or Cooking wilder is the newest book by herbalist and chef Natalie Schrauwen, a.k.a. ELDER.

First in a series on how to forage and cook like a pro, Volume I – Lentekruiden (Spring herbs) is an applied botany for culinary purposes with 24 recognisable wild spring plants and how to make them shine in the kitchen. Vibrant pictures, yummy recipes and a whole lot of practical info.

The book is quarter bound with a pretty lavender linen and has an exposed and foil stamped greyboard. The pages are sewn together with an innovative multicolour thread, which makes each centre section and each book unique.

With text, recipes and photographs by Natalie Schrauwen. Ceramics by GHESQ. Published by ELDER. Printed by L.capitan on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and bound by Brepols

︎ doublebill.design: book design, production, proofreading
︎  245×160 mm | 352 pages | Dutch
︎ elder-lab.com

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