Horizon, 2019
Eva Daeleman started her career as Belgian radio broadcaster aged 19. A burn-out, a trauma and a suitcase of new insights later, she turned her life around. Changemaker, yogi, writer, coach, reiki master, wannabe surfer. But most of all, Eva likes to inspire people to get back to themselves, to dream big and to follow their gut. 

After reading (and enjoying) Eva’s previous three books, I was super excited when they asked me to design her latest tome about female power and energy: Woman Up.

With a healthy dose of humor, idealism and a pinch of naivety, Woman Up is a book full of recognizable stories and tips to get to know yourself better. A real book for women and men.

︎ book design
︎  170×240 mm | 288 pages
︎ horizon.be

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